Kolegji Pjetër Budi

Today, the academic and administrative staff of “Pjetër Budi” College held a special meeting together with the rector, Sabri Klaiqi.

The main purpose of this meeting was to examine and discuss teaching methods, as well as steps for progress in the field of digitalization in the educational institution.

Opening the event, Rector Klaiqi emphasized the importance of this meeting and the integration of the idea of developing teaching methods with the use of information and communication technology. He mentioned that this meeting would be a significant step towards improving the quality of teaching and meeting contemporary standards.

Subsequently, discussions in the meeting focused on the experiences of integrating technology with traditional teaching methods and the challenges that may arise in the path of this transformation. The academic and administrative staff expressed their thoughts and proposals for improvements, using a comprehensive and inclusive approach.

This meeting, following an open and inspiring discussion, instills a strong sense of commitment to the future of higher education at “Pjetër Budi” College.