Kolegji Pjetër Budi


THE FINANCE OFFICE is responsible for:

  • Prepares and manages the implementation of the annual budget of the College
  • Monitors and prepare reports for the Board, Rector, and Vice Rector for the Budget regarding the revenues and expenditures of the College, etc.
  • Enters revenue and expenditure data into the computerized budget system. Develops improvements in budget operations, procedures, policies and methods. Analyzes, interprets, researches and answers questions related to financial reports, monthly budgets, etc.
  • Deals directly with students on a daily basis regarding the status of their accounts
  • Assists in the timely implementation of accounting based on legal deadlines for the month and year
  • Ensure appropriate bookkeeping of purchase and sale is updated with accurate data from source documents (eg: banks, invoices, statements, etc.)
  • Manages and controls College bank accounts on a daily basis
  • Download and prints monthly and annual bank statements for accounting needs
  • Controls cash flow, transfers/deposits and ensures that any cash inflow is within applicable laws under the directorate of the Vice Rector for Budget, ensures the timely collection and distribution of money inside (employee payments) and outside the College (obligations to services).
  • Takes care to contact suppliers of goods and services regarding prices, orders, shipments, price discrepancies and payment transfers before expiration dates
  • Takes care and ensures that the expenses of the office staff are met and are always within the guidelines and budget limits, coordinates the distribution of materials, ensures proper processing
  • Performs routine maintenance of the financial system regarding security, data protection, confidentiality and information obtained during the performance of work
  • Deals with other financial tasks that may be required by the management of the College.

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