Kolegji Pjetër Budi


The Office for Academic Development, ECTS and Quality Assurance coordinate the functioning of quality assurance activities and processes, student assessment surveys and central training activities. Supports quality teams and Quality Assurance Committee, leads specific quality initiatives, ensures that information is disseminated and promotes a positive quality culture through a range of communication mechanisms. QA officer is responsible to help and support the implementation of Quality Assurance activities. The task of the Office is to implement quality standards in “Pjetër Budi” College and to provide active support of the constituent units in improving the quality and creating a quality assurance network in “Pjetër Budi” College. The duties of the Office for Academic Development, ECTS, Quality Assurance and R&D are:
• Organizes annual workshops on procedures and methodology for updating the current study
programs and developing new programs based on the labour market needs;
• Organizes annual seminars to review the BA and MA regulations for academic student
• Supports participation in ERASMUS + and other projects;
• Training is organized for the teaching staff;
• Organizes regular annual training for administration;
• Develops master topics related to research projects/internships;
• Regularly distributes information on calls for project proposals;
• Develops guides for study programs;
• Organizes regular training on soft skills;
• Organizes fairs on academic development;
• Develops and applies project proposals at the local/international level.
• Performs other tasks that may arise from the daily routine and various inquiries.

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