Kolegji Pjetër Budi


The student service and career development office takes care of the efficiency of the student services, so that:
• In collaboration with the Vice-Rector for Teaching determines the schedule of lectures,
exercises, consultations, colloquia and exams for students
• Organizes the work between the administration and the academic staff of the College regarding the teaching process
• Takes care of the administration protocol
• Supervises and gives responsibility for the work of administrative officials
• Ensures that communication between the administrative service and students responds to human and professional ethics
• Assists in the localization of research and topics for the drafting of diplomas from the business environment, in order to establish contacts between these two areas (education and industry)
• Develops close contacts with the business community, following the latest developments in the labour market and developing curriculum programs referring to different fields of study
• Collects information for graduate students-Alumni
• Gather information to find effective ways for students to start a career in their profession
• Organizes trainings for drafting professional CVs and motivation letters, which reflect the skills and experience of the student
• Provides professional advice to conduct successful interviews
• Provides the opportunity to recognize vacancies, which are available to students.
• Registers admitted students for each academic year
• Records and updates student data in the College database
• Verifies the files of students who are subject to graduation procedures
• Provides students with the necessary documents and certificates according to student requirements and issues the same on the occasion of their graduation
• Records and archives the results of exam deadlines
• Performs other technical-administrative work depending on the requirements of management.

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