Kolegji Pjetër Budi


The Secretary-General is the highest executive and administrative officer of the College and is responsible for the legal aspects of the College, so that:

  • Provides support and advice for the interpretation and implementation of the Statute and regulations of the College
  •  Follows and implements the decisions approved by the Board of the College and the Senate
  • Coordinates its activity with the Board of College, Rector and Vice-Rectors, Study Program Leaders and the Student Union
  • Assists and distributes the work among the administrative officials of the College, in order to complete the tasks in time and quality assurance and in case of need take certain measures for the advancement of the service work of the administration of the College
  • Provides academic, administrative staff and students with contracts
  • Makes reports regarding the progress of the work of the administrative staff and imposes disciplinary measures for possible violations of the internal normative acts of the College as well as for non-compliance with the laws in force
  • Ensures the smooth running of the activity of the College in order to fulfill the mission of the College and ensures that it is in accordance with the normative acts of the Statute, Regulations and policies of the College, and other legal acts such as the Constitution, Legislation for higher education, etc.

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