Kolegji Pjetër Budi



The mission of College PJETËR BUDI is to adequately prepare human resources with specific scientific and professional profiles in compliance with local, regional and international labour market needs, which will contribute to the sustainable economic and social development of Kosovo and wider.


On the other hand, Vision of Pjetër Budi College is: “to generate, preserve and transmit knowledge, by contributing to the creation of social, economic and cultural welfare of Kosova society”. Pjetër Budi College, as a higher education institution in Kosova, on a daily basis is strongly committed in achieving the following objectives:

• Careful and continual reforms related to curriculum development of professional and scientific programs, teaching methodology, use of contemporary literature to advance teaching activities in Bachelor and Master studies;
• Became referring higher education institution in Kosova and wider, with modest student number and high employability rate of its graduates,
• Undertaking adequate and necessary reforms to enable the College to become integrated in the European Higher Education Area (according to the Bologna process) and in European Research Area;
• Transformation of Pjetër Budi College into a leading center of knowledge, thought and education in the field of economics and international policy in Kosova and region.




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