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Dear students,

Dear academic, administrative staff,


This new academic year 2022/23, seems to be a year that the Covid 19 pandemic is going towards an 2022 endemic, so we hope and are very optimistic that this new academic year will start with complete normalcy.


Prof. Ass. Dr. Sabri Klaiqi  

Pjetër Budi College on 19.07.2021 is accredited at the institutional level for a period of three years (2021-2024). We are now in the process of re-accrediting the Customs and Freight Forwarding (BA) and Management Master (MA) programs. To achieve the objectives and goals of the College, we obviously need the help of each of you, academic, managerial and administrative staff so that the College meets all the recommendations given by the Kosovo Accreditation Agency (KAA).

We are the only College with unique programs, not only in Kosovo but also in the region and beyond, whereas our MISSION, Pjetër Budi College has adequately prepared human resources and specific scientific and professional profiles in accordance with local, regional and international market needs which will contribute to the sustainable economic and social development of Kosovo and beyond. On the other hand, the VISION of Pjetër Budi College is: “To generate, store and share knowledge, contributing to the creation of social, economic and cultural well-being of Kosovar society ”. Therefore, Pjetër Budi College, as an institution of higher education in Kosovo, in daily life and strong credibility will be engaged in achieving the show and vision, based on the Strategic Plan 2021/2025.

Dear students, I, as a former student of Pjetër Budi College, guarantee you that you will be the center of attention / service and will have the unconditional support from the Pjetër Budi College and without a doubt my personal one.

The successes of the college are the successes of all employees in “Pjetër Budi” College!

Acting Rector

Dr.sc. Sabri Klaiqi

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