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Pjetër Budi College participated in a training organized by the International Quality Assurance Organization based in Strasburg




Pjetër Budi College participated in a training organized by the International Quality Assurance
Organization based in Strasburg. The training was held at Polis University in Tirana, Albania from
11-13 June 2018.
This project was co-funded by Erasmus + Programme of the European Union.
Colleges and Universities from Genova, Paris, Bucharest, and Private Institutions of Higher Education
in Albania along with Pjetër Budi College from Kosovo participated in the training.
Pjetër Budi College presented before a large audience comprised of Colleges and Universities topics
on methodologies that have been used for a long time, to include:
1. Adapting management, teaching and learning styles and techniques in a changing
2. Delivering support services and the role of support and administrative staff
3. Stimulating students’ motivation, self-reflection and engagement in the learning process”
The training was also related to the e-learning services, e-service, Sitos, which enable the
administrative and the academic staff of the Pjetër Budi College, to be quicker in students’ services
and more effective in meeting the demands. The presentation was followed with a great interest of the
participants, proving that Pjetër Budi College has recently developed successful policies of
management that can be beneficial for Colleges and Universities from Albania and the region.
In the training, the College Pjetër Budi was represented by the general manager Mr. Fitim Maçani and
Professor Nuhi Bllaca

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The “Pjetër Budi” College organizes additional IT courses

All students of all Pjetër Budi College programs who are interested in various IT issues (such as computer formatting, hardware repair, HDD memory changes etc.) are notified. that the College “Pjetër Budi” on 21.12.2017, on Thursday, from 16:00, starts organizing an additional course for IT with the IT expert of the College “Pjetër Budi” Muhamed Kastrati, where many Information Technology issues will be demonstrated. The course is free of charge. The “Pjetër Budi” College simply through this course aims to expand its IT students’ knowledge in order to use technology in their performance so that their work results are greater in the fields that they engage. We are looking forward to you.

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The students of “Pjetër Budi” College start practical work organized by the Ministry of Finance

The College “Pjetër Budi” has recently developed a cooperation agreement with the Ministry of Finance for the practical work of the students and now the fourth group of College students will begin with practical work. This group of five (5) students will conduct practical work organized by the Ministry of Finance, which will arrange the students of “Pjetër Budi” College in the agencies that are under its management and at the same time will be give me a symbolic salary. The “Pjeter Budi” College through this cooperation agreement with the Ministry of Finance has aimed to give its students more opportunities to develop the work practice so that students are as well prepared for the job market on completion of studies.

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“Pjetër Budi” signed an agreement with the Politehnica University of Bucharest

The Pjetër Budi College has signed a cooperation agreement with the Faculty of Computer Science and Automatic Control of the Politehnica University of Bucharest (Romania).

The agreement includes extensive cooperation areas between the two institutions, focusing on intensive cooperation in the field of computer science and engineering. Under the agreement, teaching and scientific research, staff exchanges, joint participation in research activities and professional development, and the organization of joint symposiums and conferences will be at the center of the cooperation of both institutions.

According to Scimago Lab, Politehnica University of Bucharest is ranked 546th in the world, 15th in the region and in the first place in Romania with regard to the number of scientific publications.

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Ibrahim Nicaj is elected chairman of the Student Parliament

“Pjetër Budi” College during the last few weeks organized student elections, attended by students of different directions, in this case was elected representatives of all programs organized by the College “Pjetër Budi”.
Ibrahim Nicaj, a student of the Business Administration Program, was elected chairman of the Student Parliament of the “Pjetër Budi” College, with the majority of representatives of the program councils. Meanwhile, vice president is elected Azize Rama and secretary Erblin Iberhysaj. Thus, the student election process at “Pjetër Budi” has been completed and the elected representatives have pledged to be committed to the best organization of activities and student life in general.
These elections, organized for years by the Pjetër Budi College, testify to the work and engagement of students and College staff to create opportunities, access and transparency between the parties. New student representatives, Pjetër Budi College congratulates good work and decent representation of student activities and pledges to continue the support that the College has done before. The student council according to the programs is as follows: The student council of the Customs and Expedition program consists of: Ibrahim Deliu, Florian Aliu, Drenica Zogaj, Mergime Bajrami, Jasmin Sylka and Lis Sahiti; The Student Council of the Business Administration Program consists of Anduena Gashi, Duresha Mustafa, Gent Ukaj, Avni Mustafa and Fatime Krasniqi; The Student Council of the Tourism and Hotel Management program consists of Blerta Murseli, Dardan Makolli, Anita Bahtiri and Ukë Morina; and finally, the Student Council of the Insurance Program consists of Ilaz Kqiku and Ardit Breznica.

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The World Bank focused on energy

Pristina, June 5 – Kosovo’s membership in the World Bank (WB) will bring very good to the country.

To become part of the World Bank, Kosovo will be able to attract other financial organizations and large investors, and will be an integrated part of the global market. However, the country will also assume responsibility, such as its debt repayment, as part of the former Yugoslavia. So, World Bank Director Ranjit Nayak said on Friday during a conversation with students of the University of Organizational Sciences “Pjeter Budi” on the topic “The Effects of the Economic Crisis in Kosovo and Strategies for Combating Poverty”. According to Nayak, the effects of the global crisis are also felt in Kosovo: the money from disapora is declining, exports are at 3 percent and are falling, while foreign direct investments are also decreasing. He said it could be said that Kosovo was fortunate that the crisis is happening now, not after 10 years, because with membership in international organizations the country is increasingly integrated into the financial market and is therefore more affected by the crisis. The World Bank, according to her boss in Kosovo, has a strategy for combating poverty, a strategy that is determined by government priorities, but also the priorities of other donors. For the next two years, this strategy is focused on energy, investment in agriculture and government capacity building for money management. Nayak has also mentioned investments made after the war in the country. Since then, the World Bank has helped Kosovo with $ 200 million in grants.

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