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Former student of “Pjetër Budi” college, Sellma Miftari is employed in Germany.

The former student of the “Pjetër Budi” College is one of the many students that “Pjetër Budi” College offered opportunities for qualitative studies which would also be sent to employment.Sellma has earned a job at a firm in Essen- Germany, she works in the Export – Import department.
Sellma has won a 2 year contract with the possibility of continuation and advancement.
The contract awarded by Sellma relies on the education she has completed at the College “Pjetër Budi” department: BSc. in Customs and Freight Forwarding and Master in Management!

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Graduate on Master’s Degree in “Pjetër Budi” College

  1. Alban RAMIQI, defended the master thesis titled “Risk Management in Insurance – Case Study: Kosovo” and gained the scientific degree: Master of Arts Management, Insurance Management Specialty.
  2. Ardita SPAHIJA, the master defense titled “Risks Management in Insurance Companies by Reinsurance” and Scientific Fitoigrad: Master of Arts Management, Specialization Insurance Management.
  3. Sellma MIFTARI, the master defense titled “Motivation of Employees in Commercial Banks in Kosovo” and earned the scientific degree: Master of Arts Management, Management Specialization.
  4. Xhemail LIKOVIQ, defended the master thesis titled “Insurance companies as promoters of investments in the field of Tourism and Hotel” and gained the scientific degree: Master of Arts Management, Tourism and Hotel Management specialization.

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Training in the field of Human Resource Management

With the slogan "Apply successfully for a job" "Pjetër Budi"college organizes training in the field of Human Resource management.The training is held on 7 & 14 May at the "Pjetër Budi"college starting from 10:00 to 12:00.

Training will be organized for:
-Career orientation
-Contests research
-Filling in applications for work
-CV & Motivation letter
-Interview for work

Training is held at "Pjetër Budi"college and all those interested in attending this training must be notified to the college administration.

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1st May- International working day

Congratulation on May 1 international working day

Congratulations on May 1 international day. This day is dedicated to workers across the globe who with devoted work influence the development of their country.
We also notify you that "Pjetër Budi"college will not work on Wednesday 01/05/2019

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Congratulations to the Orthodox Easter

The “Pjetër Budi”college congratulates all orthodox believers happy easter. May this day help us all to revive our hopes on life and to overcome challenges with faith, love and complete harmony.
Happy Easter! May God bless you and your families.
Based on the law on official holiday in the Republic of Kosovo, on the occassion of the Orthodox Easter at the “Pjetër Budi” college will not work on Monday 29/04/2019.

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The “Pjetër Budi” College signed a cooperation agreement with S.T.A (Country Master Distributor for ETS)

This cooperation agreement is related to the “Pjeter Budi” College, between the Dean Prof. Ass. Dr. Orhan Ceku and Prof.Ass. Ines Dika, Permanent Representative of STA (Country Master Distributor for ETS), based on the Law on Higher Education in the Republic of Kosovo and based on the Administrative Instruction for Languages ??for the second or third cycle of 22/02 / 2018, Prot. 912.

The purpose of this protocol is to guarantee co-operation between College “Pjeter Budi” and S.T.A, in order to ensure the standard during the English and French language testing process and to guarantee the official certification of the result achieved during the test.

STA undertakes to test the students of the College “Pjetër Budi” and not only in “paper based” format and lasts only 2 hours. Tests are for English language, respectively 2 variants of tests, TOEFL ITP® and TOEIC® L & R and for French Language, respectively TFI ™ test. All three tests are accredited by CEFRL as standardized tests for English and French, as well as by the above Administrative Instruction. The results come within 7 working days and will be retired at the “Pjetër Budi” College.

Ensures that tested students clearly state through the Online Application: https://sta-edu.com/registration/, personal data such as name, surname, ID card number, birthplace and residence of other data.

STA also undertakes the correction, distribution and administration of tests, while retaining the International Standard, through a completely American staff.

For all students and academic staff of “Pjetër Budi”, it offers free all didactic materials and informative lectures.

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The students of the college “Pjetër Budi” visited the Kosova Chamber of commerce

Students of the “Pjetër Budi” college respectively the students of the Customs and Freight Forwarders program within subject “Competition Law” with Professor Naser Gjinovci, conducted a study visit to the Kosovo Chamber of commerce.During the visit, students were informed of the work and activity of this very important institution in our country that works on promoting local businesses.
In addition to the study visit to the students, a lecture was given by Mrs Olivera Ceni from the Department for Economic Analysis and Policy at KCC. The focus of the lecture was the role of Customs in economic competitiveness and international trade as a factor of Kosovo’s economic growth.Students were involved in the debate and asked some
questions for the lecturer.
The study visit was carried out in accordance with the curricula of the college for the implementation of the practical part of the relevant subject.The students shared the satisfaction of the study visit and thanked Professor Gjinovci for organizing this vist!
The “Pjetër Budi” college thanks the Kosovo Chamber of commerce for organizing student study visit.

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Meeting between Higher Education Institutions and Erasmus +

In the organization of MEST in cooperation with the Erasmus + Office in Kosovo, a meeting with the rectors of institutions of Higher Education in Kosova was held on Friday, where was attended by Dean of the “Pjeter Budi” College Prof. dr. Ass. Dr. Orhan Ceku. In this meeting was discussed about access to the Erasmus + program and to coordinate the actions in order to bring as much funding to Kosovo as possible.
Minister Bytyqi on this occasion stressed that the Erasmus + program is very important in the mobility of students, professors and internationalization of Higher Education. “We need to focus on eliminating any barriers, so our higher education institutions can get the most out of the Erasmus + programs. MEST is ready, in cooperation with higher education institutions, to develop policies that would directly affect the enhancement of the professional capacities of academic staff within our institutions, “said Minister Bytyqi

Higher Education Institutions are convinced that the use of the opportunities offered by the Erasmus + Program contributes directly to the enhancement of the quality of Higher Education in Kosovo, internationalization and exchange of academic and social values.

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Congratulations, for many Easter times!

The most heartfelt wishes on the occasion of the Easter Holiday to all citizens of the Catholic faith.
Let those Easter revive generosity, tolerance, respect, and love among each other.

Congratulations for many Easter times!

Also, based on law no. 03 / L-064 as well as the official holiday calendar for 2019,
you are informed that on the occasion of the Catholic Easter holiday:
Monday, 22.04.2019 will be a day off.

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