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Why is the Master in Insurance Needed? You will get this answer after completing Bachelor’s studies in Insurance. You will feel the need for higher and more qualitative advancement. An Analysis of Insurance, Risk and Insurance Financial Reports, Quantitative Research and Insurance, and Strategic Insurance Planning are some of the courses that will prepare you for the Master’s degree in Insurance.
The program is offered under Master in Management, as a separate profile, which is divided into the third semester. Upon completion of this program, the student takes the Master’s degree in Insurance Management.
The insurance industry is among the most developed in the world and the staff specialized in this field is very limited. This enables you to be among the most selective and at the same time the most unique. On the other hand, the insurance industry is also counted as a very profitable industry and a very attractive field for career development!
In “Pjetër Budi” you can achieve all of this, be the first, professional and secure employment. The Master level also opens the door for doctorate level studies, which advances even more with your career.
Your career is safe with the insurance field and with the “Pjetër Budi” College.
Master Management Management Profile Insurance

First year:

First semester:

Compulsory courses:

Methodology of scientific research work

Strategic management

Leadership and organizational behavior

Management of operations




Business ethics

Managing Changes


Second semester:

Compulsory courses:

International Marketing Management

Risk Management

management accounting

Managerial decision making



Innovation Management




Second year:

Third semester:

Compulsory courses:

Analysis of financial statements

Risk Management in Insurance Companies

Solvency II Directive

Market and Insurance Institutions



E – Marketing

Strategic Management of Human Resources

Intercultural Relations


Fourth semester:

Theme Master