The focus of the Research Working Group (RWG) is to promote mutual understanding, collaborative activities, and interdisciplinary social science education through research. The broad priorities of the RWG are: shifting the culture at high education institutions to better embrace research; redirecting the research agenda regarding these disciplines so that it is of greater use to the members of the professions; and building research capacity within the social disciplines.

The research group leader is a professor or associate professor (or a deputy professor/associate professor) with work assignments according to their respective job description. The position of professor/associate professor includes research and teaching assignments, along with tasks related to planning and organizing teaching and exams.

The research group leader is expected to strengthen the quality and productivity of the scientific work, in accordance with the College of Pjeter Budi and the research institute’s strategic goals. The research group leader has comprehensive responsibility for the research group’s activities. Furthermore, the research group leader is responsible for managing the staff, for the group’s funding and for the systematic work related to health, safety, and the environment in the research group. He/she is expected to lead according to the  HR policies and College of Pjeter Budi’s objectives of being a workplace that facilitates the employees’ possibilities to realize their full potential in a good working and learning environment.

Scientific activity

  • Prioritize scientific goals and priority areas and decide on which projects the group is going to carry through or contribute to
  • Contribute to/suggest strategic research efforts within the section, department and institute.
  • Take care of project planning and management; follow up on the progress and completion of research done by the group
  • Make sure that the research conducted by the group has the necessary approvements required by current procedures and regulations
  • Make sure that the research conducted by the group is in accordance with theCollege of Pjeter Budi quality system for medical and health research
  • File documentation of the research done by the group as required by current procedures and regulations

HR matters and health, safety and the environment in the workplace

  • HR management and following up on HR matters related to the research group employees – including clear role descriptions for the group’s employees
  • Manager role in the HR portal to administrate HR, approval of travels, refunding, and applications for leaves of absence from subordinates
  • Following up on persons who are affiliated to  the group and their tasks in the research group
  • Tasks related to planning manpower and to recruitment in externally financed positions in the research group – including ordering job announcements, new employments and extensions according to the current administrative routines at the institute
  • Responsibility for systematic work with health, safety and the environment in the research group and according to current procedures and regulations