Management in Tourism and Hospitality

The last years of Kosovo’s economy are marked by a significant slowdown in its activities.

Lack of adequate education and training has been considered as main reason for high unemployment rate in Kosovo, but also in other countries in the region. This raises the need for quality and well-targeted academic programs, especially development programs that are offered by Pjetër Budi College.

The Management program focuses on the task of new staff with general managerial skills, as well as managerial skills with a focus on tourism, hospitality and insurance.

Compared to other academic institutions, we do offer programs that respond to the needs of the market and the economy of Kosovo in general.

The Master in Management is one of the most suitable programs that can soften the weak economic situation the country is undergoing. This is especially applicable for small and medium enterprises which are suffering from a lack of qualified staff and competent managers.

The duration of the study is two academic years.