Tourism and Hotel Management

Management, MA
Profile: Tourism and Hotel Management


Master studies in an attractive field what is Tourism Management and Hotel Management are offered only at the Pjetër Budi College.

This program prepares specialized cadets for carrying out tourism and hotel affairs, in accordance with the needs of the Kosovo labor market, as well as prepares you for high managerial positions with the skills, skills and competences required. The program is offered under Master in Management, as a separate profile, which is divided into the third semester.

Upon completion of this four semester program, you will receive the Master of Tourism Management and Hotel Management degree.

Tourism and hotel management today is one of the core activities that are constantly growing in developed and developing countries.

Tourism and hotel management, as an activity, is creating new ones in the world, so even the countries that have not paid much attention to tourism today deal with such activities, while tourist and hotel offers are increasingly sophisticated.

Also, the Master’s Degree in Tourism Management and Hotel Management enables you to continue your PhD degree. Each academic institution in the country or anywhere in the world will require you to apply for MA Degree in order to be admitted to PhD studies.

The Master of Tourism and Hospitality Management study program is accredited by the Kosovo Accreditation Agency and has received the highest evaluations by external quality assessment experts, based on which the evaluation “Pjetër Budi” College has been accredited.


With Master you produce policies!


First semester

Methodology of scientific research work

Strategic management

Leadership and organizational behavior

Management of operations


Business ethics

Managing Changes

Second semester

International Marketing Management

Risk Management

management accounting

Managerial decision making.

Innovation Management



Third semester

Selective Tourism Types

Space tourism and hotel planning

Intercultural Relations and Strategic Communication

Promotion in Tourism and Hotel

Management of events and leisure

Consumer behavior

Strategic Management of Human Resources


Fourth Semester:

Theme Master