Kolegji Pjetër Budi

“Pjetër Budi” College participates in the Conference organized by the Regional Challenge Fund, and its participation in this conference is as a beneficiary in the first call.

The Regional Challenges Fund (RCF) is a financing mechanism designed to increase the employability of young people and promote the competitiveness of enterprises in the Western Balkan countries.

It provides funds for investments in equipment and infrastructure for selected collaborative training projects implemented through partnerships between vocational training institutions and businesses.

In the first and second rounds of applications, more than 300 Expressions of Interest were submitted from all Western Balkan economies. The selection process resulted in the approval of 63 projects for funding, allocating approximately 27 million Euros for investments in equipment, infrastructure, and training for vocational training providers and partner businesses.

In the third call of this conference, experiences and lessons learned from previous calls were shared, and the exchange of ideas between stakeholders interested in education and vocational training in the region was encouraged. The conference also promoted best practices that address common challenges encountered in the region.

The participation of “Pjetër Budi” College in this conference is an acknowledgment of its work and contribution in the field of vocational training and the promotion of young people’s skills in the labor market.