Pjetër Budi

The Library of the “Pjetër Budi” College College in Prishtina operates in a special space where the books and literature for the Branches, which are in this College, as well as the reading room are located.

The library is functional and suitable for study and reading by students, who use this Library, respectively the Professional Literature Fund and the auxiliary literature, for reading and studying.

This Library also has the electronic Book Book Catalog. The same catalog serves us for the operation and use of books and professional literature by students themselves and academic staff.

In this library we have publications, professional literature for all College Academic Programs, and bookbases for other academic and non-academic courses.

The library is supplied with books in various international languages. The publications that are usually obtained are from well-known international centers such as: Camridge University, OXFORD University, Faculty of Tourism in Ohrid, Faculty of Customs in Ohrid, relevant faculties in Tirana, Skopje, Vienna, Harvard University, Oslo University, Oakland University , Nice University, and Paris-France, etc.

Also, there is a wide selection of literature specializing in the field of Customs, Resource and Insurance, Management, Business Administration, Tourism Management, Hotel etc.

The Library of the College “Pjetër Budi” functions as part of the College and possesses infrastructure and a fund of books of international character throughout the work space and services. The Library cooperates with its partners both at the national and international levels, but also utilizes the organization and systematization of its fund, while the purposes of the Library are:

Creating a professional link between academic staff and students,

Providing essential and relevant professional literature,
Create information and access to electronic materials
Create the necessary conditions for academic studies