Organization and Managment

The study program work is coordinated by the Head of the Study Program, whose choice is proposed by the Dean of the College and elected by the Scientific-Scientific Council.

According to the Statute of the “Pjetër Budi” College, each Study Program is led by at least one Leader, who is elected from among the professors and lecturers of the respective Program at the Pjetër Budi College.

According to this principle in the College there are these Program leaders:

a. Head of Study Program: Customs and Freight BA and MA;

b. Head of Study Program: Tourism and Hotel Management BA and MA;

c. Head of Study Program: BA and MA Insurance; and

d. Head of Study Program: Business Administration BA.

Duties of Study Program Leaders:

Participate in organizing and conducting lectures, exercises, exams, seminars, scientific research work and other forms of work for the respective Study Program;

Organize lectures and other forms of work for realization of curriculum and scientific perfection;

Prepare and propose to the Council the proposal of the scientific-research and research plan;

They give the opinion to the Council on the proposal to select and appoint teachers, assistants, collaborators and scientific titles;

Provide proposals for a member of the commission for specialist work and professional experts, analyze student success and their involvement in scientific-research work and propose appropriate measures;

Redesign and ensure the balance of the teaching staff load and care for their professional and scientific advancement and advancement and propose the needs for new professional staff;

Provide proposals for professional enhancement of the teaching staff in the country; and

Perform and other work in accordance with the regulation and other general acts of the College.