More than 150 scholars at the scientific conference co-organized by “Pjetër Budi”

More than 150 authors, with about 80 scientific papers, participated in the international conference on “The Role of Education and Science in the Economic Development of the Countries of the Region”, held in Ulcinj, Montenegro, organized by the Institute for Scientific Research and Development from Ulcinj with the “Pjetër Budi” College and other institutions. Participants were from Kosovo, Albania, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia and Hungary, while “Pjetër Budi” was represented by Professors Seadin Xhaferi, Naser Raimi, Haqif Arifi, Fitim Maçani and Elizabeta Murati.

The purpose of the conference was to explore from the scientific perspective the efforts, challenges and opportunities of the economic development of the countries of the region, respectively the clear and essential focus of the contributors through the scientific works to address the topic in a multidimensional aspect, including all the spheres social and economic life.

The conference has co-sponsored scientists, academics and experts from different fields so that everyone can broaden their specific and general knowledge and exchange ideas and thoughts on the role of education and science in economic development. Also, the conference was an interdisciplinary forum for scholars, practitioners and professors, but also for researchers, without letting discussions on innovations, trends, concerns and challenges encountered in creating a modern society and potential investment solutions for economic development .

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