Mission and Vision


College “Pjetër Budi” is a PBHE which offers equal opportunities for all by conducting contemporary teaching, professional practice, research and investigation in relevant fields in order to achieve social impact.


  • Strengthening and stimulation of cooperation with effective partners such as educational institutions, government, businesses, and citizens’ associations.
  • Quality academic staff recruitment should be committed to excellence in all fields of respective studies.
  • Demonstrate knowledge, skills, and tools necessary for successful teaching.
  • Active promotion of academic achievements for all students.
  • Planning and implementation of standards-based instructions for students.
  • Continuous commitment to scientific research in order to resolve current issues in Kosovar society
  • Relevant studies enabling them to have a broad understanding of theory and practice in line with labor and employment market needs, and
  • Achieving the valuable results in scientific research, through quality teaching, creativity, utilizing the best scientific and professional achievements, meeting the students’ expectations, labor market, and international partners.  


College “Pjetër Budi” now is fully integrated in the Kosovo higher education area, aims to integrate into regional and European higher education trends by meeting the highest academic and professional standards.

Our vision is to be a College specialized in the academic training of students, as a center of expertise in specific fields of study, as well as a center of excellence in scientific research and innovation.

We are open to the ideas and demands of new generations, our partners, economic development trends, technological achievements, and labor market demands.