JSTOR is a large electronic archive that helps researchers, researchers, and students to discover, use, and build widespread knowledge on a trusted digital archive.

In 2009, JSTOR joined ITHAKA by helping the academic community to use digital technology to maintain scientific data.

Today, the JSTOR archives include scholarships featured in more than a thousand high-quality academic journals in all humanities, social sciences, monographs and other valuable materials for academic work.

Archives are constantly expanding to add international publications.

With JSTOR joining Aluka in 2008, it has grown to include other types of content such as letters, oral histories, government documents, pamphlets, figures, 3-D models, and so on.

Scholars, teachers and students around the world are making use of the daily archive in JSTOR.

Thousands of cultural heritage libraries and institutions, hundreds of scientific literature publications in the world and countless scholars have worked to make JSTOR a success.

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