Law office

The Legal Office is competent for the interpretation of laws, administrative instructions approved by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, as well as the interpretation of the Statute and regulations of the College. The legal office is headed by the Secretary-General of the College.

The Secretary-General has special rights and responsibilities defined in his contract which is signed by the Director of the Board. The Secretary is accountable to the Dean for efficient, economical, and effective administration at all levels of the College. In this position, the secretary is responsible for all matters that are not the competence of the bodies or other leaders. He is competent for the interpretation of the Statute and Regulations of the College, takes care of the legality of the administrative acts of the managerial structures of the College, etc.

The Secretary General of the College has the following duties and responsibilities:

– He is the highest official of the administration;

– He is the leader of the Central Administration;

– He is the head of the administrative offices;

The Secretary-General is responsible for maintaining accurate administrative office records. Regarding these data, stable files should be kept for:

1. Candidates who apply for admission;

2. Students enrolled in all study and research programs;

3. Graduates;

4. Contract staff;

5. Property;

6. Financial accounts;

7. Research, creative and consulting projects;

8. Commercial contracts;

9. Academic work reports;

10. Other issues required by the Board of Directors, the Rector or the Senate.

The Secretary General of “Pjeter Budi” College is Anila Mustafa.