Pjetër Budi College participated in a training organized by the International Quality Assurance
Organization based in Strasburg. The training was held at Polis University in Tirana, Albania from
11-13 June 2018.
This project was co-funded by Erasmus + Programme of the European Union.
Colleges and Universities from Genova, Paris, Bucharest, and Private Institutions of Higher Education
in Albania along with Pjetër Budi College from Kosovo participated in the training.
Pjetër Budi College presented before a large audience comprised of Colleges and Universities topics
on methodologies that have been used for a long time, to include:
1. Adapting management, teaching and learning styles and techniques in a changing
2. Delivering support services and the role of support and administrative staff
3. Stimulating students’ motivation, self-reflection and engagement in the learning process”
The training was also related to the e-learning services, e-service, Sitos, which enable the
administrative and the academic staff of the Pjetër Budi College, to be quicker in students’ services
and more effective in meeting the demands. The presentation was followed with a great interest of the
participants, proving that Pjetër Budi College has recently developed successful policies of
management that can be beneficial for Colleges and Universities from Albania and the region.
In the training, the College Pjetër Budi was represented by the general manager Mr. Fitim Maçani and
Professor Nuhi Bllaca

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