Admission requirements

Admission to study and continuing education at Pjetër Budi College – Prishtina is without distinction, exclusion or giving priority based on race, color, religion, age, family status, political opinion, national or social origin, language or trade union membership . No one may be discriminated against by the College and its governing bodies while performing the duties and services offered by this institution.

  You can enroll in the accredited College Programs, such as:

– Customs and Freight Forwarding, BA;

– Management, MA;

– Insurance Management, MA;

– Tourism and Hospitality Management, MA

Student registration will be through a public application announced in print and electronic media, as well as on the website of the College “Pjetër Budi” – Prishtina: https://pjeterbudi-edu.com/

The conditions for admission to  bachelor studies are:

  • Successful completion of high school in Kosovo certified with a degree;
  • Successful completion of primary and secondary school with at least 12 years of schooling certified with a relevant degree;
  • Successful completion of primary and secondary school with at least 12 years of schooling certified with the relevant diploma obtained in the outside world, if the matura diploma has been equivalently evaluated. The verdict on the recognition of the diploma and the equivalent is taken by the relevant Ministry.

For special fields of study, the College may organize additional exams – entrance exam for some subjects, in the procedure of admission of students.

All candidates who have completed their bachelor studies with 180 or 240 ECTS credits have the right to enroll in master studies at Pjetër Budi College.

The conditions for admission to master studies are:

  • Bachelor’s degree, 180 and 240 ECTS credits, respectively.
  • For candidates who have completed BA studies in other fields from the fields in which they apply for registration will be subject to additional exams.
  • Additional exams are scheduled by the College of Master Studies.

Students who have completed bachelor studies with a 4-year system (240 ECTS credits) are accepted 60 ECTS credits obtained in advance and transferred directly to the 9th semester at the College “Pjetër Budi” in the relevant field.

Acceptance of these credits is counted as tuition.

For candidates registered for enrollment who have completed bachelor studies in inadequate fields with study programs offered by the College “Pjetër Budi” will be organized additional exams (differential) from the basic training of the relevant field.

Additional exams are set by verdict of the College of Master’s Degrees.

Semesters in Master studies calculated as semesters 1, 2, 3 and 4 for students who have reached 180 ECTS credits in the first cycle of studies, while for Students who in the first cycle of studies have reached 240 ECTS credits, the semester of 3, and 4.

The registration of students in the first semester in master studies is done by the Administration of the College “Pjetër Budi”, while the index of the student is signed by the Dean of the College “Pjetër Budi”.

On the occasion of the applicationCandidates must bring the following documents:

  • Ba Original Bachelor’s degree or certified copy, the certificate of completion of Bachelor studies can be temporarily accepted;
  • Not grade certificate;
  • Lind birth certificate;
  • two (2) photographs (4.5 x 6cm format),
  • Completing the registration form.

The documents submitted by the student will remain in the service of students. Student service enrolls new students in the registry book, at a special program on the computer and forms the student file.