Insurance BA

Insurance – BA
Insurance today has become an industry in itself in a country’s economy. The insurance industry, together with commercial banks, are the main suppliers of the financial system in the country. Since the insurance industry is a new sector created in Kosovo, the needs for a professional framework in this area are very large.

The education of the professional staff of this field is enabled by the College “Pjeter Budi”, which since 2006 offers the insurance program study.

It is this unique program, which is not applied by any other higher education institution in the country and the region.

Insurance is a very important element in the life of the individual, business, and economic development of a society and a country, as they provide a protection against risks that we can not foresee, but that can happen to us at any moment.

All layers of society need a security system, so these can be your future customers.

The program is offered according to the contemporary standards of Higher Education and in harmony with the Bologna Process. For three years or six academic semesters, you can get Bachelor Degree in Insurance and be ready for work in the insurance market, which is very dynamic and requires professional staff.

The Republic of Kosovo is the only country in the region, which does not apply compulsory health insurance. The “Pjetër Budi” College has undertaken an awareness campaign on the importance of this product and you must be tomorrow the carrier of the insurance industry.

For this, “Pjetër Budi” enables the education of the necessary staff in all areas of insurance.

In Kosovo, 10 insurance companies are licensed, which include those with domestic and foreign capital, respecting all Kosovo legal provisions and the criteria for conducting insurance activity with a high degree of respect, resulting in a the high development of this business, being one of the important contributors to the tax system of Kosovo.

With a degree in insurance, your work is guaranteed. Come and obey the quality of the studies offered by “Pjetër Budi”.

Insurance – BA
Semester 1


Basics of Management

Introduction to Insurance

English Language





Introduction to Academic Writing

Semester 2

Accounting in insurance

The Right to Insurance

Risk Management

English II


Information Technology

Semester 3

The basics of marketing

Pension and social security

Agriculture insurance

Life and health insurance

English language III

Management and Development of Human Resources

Semester 4


Insurance risk analysis

Security is not life

Actual mathematics

Financial Systems (Inst. And Markets

International business

Semester 5


Insurance sales channels

The right to insurance

in the EU

Academic writing

International trade and insurance

Protection and inheritance. cultural

Semester 6

Device manager. of damages in insurance

Order. security oversight


Financial Management

System Information Management (MIS)