Private Holder of Higher Education The Institute for Studies “Pjetër Budi” – Prishtinë / Priština was established by decision of the Board of Directors on 15.04.2005, Law on Higher Education 2003/14 dated 12.05.2005 and the decision on licensing of the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology (hereafter MEST) decision no. 494 / 02-1 of 10.04.2006 on the organization of Bachelor studies, amended with the decision for re-licensing by MEST 586 / 02-1 of 09.05.2007 the name of the institution has been changed by the Private Holder of Higher Education Institute for Studies “Pjetër Budi” – Pristina at the University of Applied Sciences “Pjetër Budi” Institute for Studies in Prishtina for the organization of Bsçelor and Master studies. This label has been changed by the decision for re-licensing by MEST decision no. 2/3583 dated 07.10.2013, from the Private Holder of Higher Education University of Applied Sciences “Pjetër Budi” Institute for Studies in Prishtina in the College “Pjetër Budi” in Prishtina.


The purpose of the programs offered by the College “Pjetër Budi” is to provide students with relevant studies that enables them a broad understanding of theory and practice in line with labor market and employment needs, taking the South East Europe base, always with the requirement to meet the standards of the European Union. This is complemented with many activities that are realized to deepen the knowledge, skills in the principles of selected studies, and the main functional areas of a particular field of specialization.

The modular work is also associated with the possibility of expanding the fields of interest through the integration work and by reviewing and developing the special topic according to the student’s choice for Barrel Works.

“Pjeter Budi” College in the realization of its mission provides equal opportunities for all, without any discrimination in terms of gender, race, marriage, color, language, religion, political orientation or national, ethnic and social affiliation in the state of affairs , birth status or other status.
The college declares support for gender equality. In cases where male and female candidates have the same qualifications, female candidates will have priority.
All individuals and bodies of the College will behave in accordance with the highest standards of commitment, integrity, objectivity, responsibility, sincerity, honesty and leadership