Fees and charges

Taxes for studies and administrative services
When enrolling in studies, students sign a valid study contract with the College and all taxes and services as well as rights and obligations are included in the contract.

In the following, we have presented in a tabular way all the taxes for administrative services and the taxes for studies which are applied by the College “Pjetër Budi”.

 Fee for students in euro
1Application for registration  0€
2Drop out from the studies70€
3First student card0€
4Second student card in case of the loss5 €
5Document proving that he /she is student of the College0€
6Photocopy of the documents at the College0€
7Stamping of the Embassy requests for students planning to travel abroad0€
8Exam entrance0€
9Late exam entrance (when students is late and misses regular exam terms/ deadlines )  0€
10Non regular exam terms ( when he/she fails three times )0€
12Master- exam entrance for a fourth and fifth term0€
13Renewal of the Code/ID for the admin system0€
14Second grade certificate during the same academic year5 €
15First grades certificate after accomplishing BA/MA study5 €
16Graduate Certificate0
17Second certificate after the graduation5€
18BA/MA Diploma20€
19Supplement of the first diploma0€
20Supplement of diploma for second time10€
21Second Diploma, when it has been lost50 €
Fees for study programme
Programme Customs and Freight forwarding ( BA)1620€
Programme Tourism and Hospitality Management, BA 1200€
Programme Insurance, (BA )700€
Programme Business Administration (with specialization)  (BA)870€
Programme Customs and Freight forwarding / MASTER1500€
Programme Management (with specialization ) ,(MA)1200€