Customs and Trucking MA

Customs and Trucking MA
Customs and Freight Forwarding – Master – MA

The Governing Board of the “Pjetër Budi” College has temporarily suspended the procedure for applying for re-accreditation for this Study Program.

Accredited program in the Republic of Kosovo, and valued with the highest marks by international accreditation experts.

Each of you who has completed BA studies has the claim to advance his / her knowledge to a higher degree and to take responsibility of a manager and a manager in an institution, a company, a corporation, etc.

If you have the ambition to be a leading part of the international development trends in the Customs and Freight sector – that is a very wide area and of a state interest – you should advance your knowledge by creating managerial value by studying in the program academic Academic and Post-graduate level MA and Graduate Diploma according to world-wide Bologna standards that enable you to continue your academic career at the PhD level.

This opportunity is offered by the “Pjetër Budi” College, which is the only one in the Republic of Kosovo offering the MA level of the Customs and Spedition program. You will be able to be employed in Kosovo’s management structures for a short time, you can be a leader of a government-level team in which to draw fiscal-economic policies, manage a company, corporation or another business from the field trade, manufacturing, transportation, logistics, domestic and international transport, etc.

In our College, the Customs and Freight Forwarding Master program lasts two years, teaching and research is spread over four semesters. With professional staff in the field of Customs and Freight, you are offered theoretical and practical vocational training upon completion of this program, you will gain knowledge, skills, professional competence to manage and manage international businesses, state boards, public companies etc. You will enrich your knowledge that is needed for the labor market in the country and abroad in the field of European Integration, International Conventions, WTO (World Trade Organization), WTO (World Customs Organization), GATS (World Service Organization ), for international freight forwarding, transportation and logistic systems, etc.

Customs and freight forwarding
Semester 1

Methodology of scientific research work

Business and Transport Law

World Trade Organization

Conventions and International Customs Institutions

Customs Management

Shipping Management

Semester 2

European Union customs system

Transport Systems and Logistics

Free Customs Areas


Contracts in International Circulation

Sales and Distribution Channels

Semester 3

Global Logistics Management

International Marketing Strategies

International Shipping Management

Criminal Customs

Business Psychology

Financial Reports and Revision

Semester 4

Theme Master

Practice in the organization / institution