Kolegji Pjetër Budi

“Pjeter Budi” College, based on the Law on Higher Education (Law no. 04 / L-037) and based on the Regulations and Statute of “Pjeter Budi” College, announces this:



  • 7 Teachers – Field of Economics

Conditions for application:

The conditions for application and selection of academic staff are provided by the law on higher education (Law no. 04 / L-037), the Regulations and the Statute of the College “Pjetër Budi”.

Only those who have the degree of Doctor of Science – PhD have the right to compete for the position of Teacher.

Successful experience in teaching, research and professional practice at least 3 years (attach reference).
Doctoral Degree, equivalent to level 8 of the National Qualifications Framework and decision on nostrification by MEST if the degree was obtained outside the Republic of Kosovo.
Publications of articles in journals, and other forms of academic writing published in international journals. At least 1 publication in scientific journals with impact factor> 0 indexed in renowned databases (Criterion according to AI of MEST_01 / 2018),
Participation in national and international conferences.
Required documentation:

Application request (drafted by the applicant),
Biography (CV),
Valid Identification Document of the Republic of Kosovo, or the country of origin,
Certificate of birth and marital status (if married),
Evidence from competent bodies that are not under investigation,
Copies of notaries certified (decision for nostrification of diplomas issued by countries outside Kosovo),
Decision on the preliminary academic call (if the candidate has it),
List of scientific publications with links to publications,
Evidence for publications,
Evidence of active and passive participation in local and international conferences,
Evidence of participation in various projects,
Evidence of participation in various trainings,
Other documents that match the call requirements for which you are applying.
Submission of documentation:
Documents must be submitted on time according to the competition deadline. In order to prevent physical contact during the pandemic, applications in the competition for selection / re-election of academic staff will be turned into an ONLINE application!
Scanned documents should be submitted to email: [email protected], starting from 22.10.2020 until 15.01.2021.