Career Office

In order to help students and graduates achieve their career goals, the Career Office within the Pjetër Budi Research Institute offers a full career management service, including project support and employment research throughout the study period.

These include periodic employment notices, general job search strategy advice, personalized career counseling, as well as concrete help or advice on CV preparation.

Services provided:

  1. The Career Office assists in locating scientific research and topics for the protection of diplomas from the business environment, in order to establish contacts between these two areas (education and industry) and to establish links of research work with projects. of the real world.
  2. Maintaining close contacts with the business environment, this office follows the latest developments in the labor market. In this way, Pjetër Budi College creates and develops curricular programs with reference to various fields of study.
  3. Gathers information about graduate students at Pjetër Budi College.
  4. Gather information to find effective ways for students to start a career in their profession.
  5. Keeps a periodically updated archive of information about different companies, businesses, or companies, aiming to determine the most appropriate field of work for students.
  6. Assists in the creation of professional CVs and the design of letters of recommendation or motivation, which reflect the skills and experience of the candidate.
  7. Provides tips for conducting successful interviews.
  8. Provides the opportunity to get acquainted with a variety of vacancies that are available to students.
  9. The Career Office at Pjetër Budi College also aims to help students who are professionals returning to their studies to:
    • promote the career so far and improve the network of professional acquaintances;
    • change careers, if that is their goal
    Among other things, the career office of the College “Pjetër Budi” organizes;

• presentations in all municipal centers of Kosovo
• special lectures with special guests
• organizes and promotes student knowledge at fairs and public presentations
• organizes work excursions in different places