Business Administration

Business Administration – Bachelor

Who would not want to manage a business? Of course this is a dream of many young people. Utilize the opportunity to make such a dream come true.
The “Pjetër Budi” College offers the BA level of the academic program “Business Administration”. The Business Administration Study Program includes four (4) profiles – special directions. Students in the fifth semester (5) can choose one of the following profiles:

Bank and Financial Control
Human Resource Management
Marketing Management
Public administration

If you make the right choice and join our family, after three years your businesses can easily manage and guarantee that on their way of development they will be successful businesses. In our College, the Bachelor level academic programs last three years. The lesson is extended to six semesters. If you choose to continue your Master’s Degree (MA), any academic institution in the country or anywhere in the world, you will be required by the BA Degree. With us you will not only get general knowledge from the field of business administration, but you will specialize in tighter business administration areas that will help you in your further career, academic and professional. Thanks to the academic program “Business Administration” you will gain knowledge and skills in areas such as: Banking and Financial Control, Human Resource Management, Marketing Management and Public Administration. In other words, our three year co-ride offers you the chance to become a successful professional tomorrow.

Structure of the program

Semester 1

Introduction to Market Economy

Basics of management

English Language

Information Technology

Introduction to academic writing

Business Mathematics


Semester 2



English Language II

Legislation Policy. of the EU

Information Technology

Business law

Semester 3

Public finances

Financial Accounting

Basics of marketing, sales and promotion

Small and Medium Business Management (BVM)

Business English

Communication and Public Relations

Semester 4


Politics and the fiscal system

Business ethics

Financial Management


Organizational behavior

Profile: Marketing Management
Semester 5

Market research and analysis

International Business

Consumer behavior


Human Resource Management

Academic writing

Semester 6

project management

Strategic Management

International Marketing

Full diploma

Selling and Promoting

E- marketing

Profile: Bank and Financial Control
Semester 5

Banking Management

Organized and Computer Crime

Payments flow


Human Resource Management

Academic writing

Semester 6

Methodology of Financial Crime Investigation

Risk Management at Banks

Audit and Audit (Revision)

Bachelor’s Thesis topic BA


Financing markets. and scholarships

Profile: Public Administration
Semester 5

Administrative law

Constitutional Law

Local Self-Government


Device manager. of the human resource

Academic writing

Semester 6

Right to Work and Benefits

Administrative Procedures

Recruitment and selection of candidates in public administration

Bachelor’s Thesis topic BA

Corporate Governance

E- governance

Profile: Human Resources
Semester 5

Human Resource Management

Employment Policy and Labor Law



Recruitment, performance evaluation

Academic writing

Semester 6

Strategic management of human resources

Cultural Diversity, Negotiations, and Conflict Management

Psychology of work

Bachelor’s Degree BA

Corporate Governance

Device manager. and Sist. information